best portable air conditioner

A Guide to the Best Portable AC Units

The Summer in Dubai can be harsh; needless to say, the greatest temperature ever recorded in the UAE was a sweltering 52.1 degrees celsius. In spite of the fact that most accommodations come with air conditioners, there are always areas where the cool air doesn’t reach. So, how do you keep them cool? Here is our list of the best portable AC units available.

best portable ac
best portable ac

Why Choose the Portable Air Conditioner?

A portable ac can lower the temperature of a room significantly under 20 minutes. However, while portable ac is your best option when other air conditioners are not suited, the disadvantage of portable air conditioners is that they are not energy efficient. 

With targeted cooling and a compact design, this unit is perfect for spaces like maid’s rooms, kids’ room, office, saloon, or small outdoor areas.

Portable ACs are best suited for small spaces.

Prep your outdoor escape with one of our portable air conditioners. This targeted cooling system is perfect for small spaces like patios, porches, and balconies. Just plug in the unit and watch as the cooling mist fills your room with refreshing cool air.

Supply & Installation

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Portable Air Conditioners are Easy to Move and Install and can cool the room faster, thus making them one of the most reliable alternatives for small spaces such as your home and office.

Midea 10,300 BTU 115V Smart Portable Air Conditioner

For a space of around 450 square feet, it is hard to get better than the Midea 10,300 BTU model. It has three functions, a dehumidifier, fan, and cooler. Its evaporative technology is highly welcome, equal to a 44-pint dehumidifier.

However, where it begins to excel is with its myriad control options. Not only does it have electronic and remote controls, but you can set and operate it via the MsmartHome app. You can also connect it to Google Assistant for voice activation. 

The humidifier does need venting outside, which is a slight drawback. You will need a minimum window opening width of 19.4 inches, maximum of 62.2 inches, and a minimum height of 6.4 inches. The unit does come supplied with a quick and easy installation kit. 

LG 10,000 BTU 115V Portable With Remote

While this may be a higher-priced option, you get your money’s worth. It has all the features you would expect and intelligent technology, providing both versatility and energy efficiency. 

Cooling is provided with two speeds in three modes: Cool, fan, or dry. Cool will reduce air temperature while dehumidifying, but you should set it to the dry option for rainy days. Fans are used to recirculate air that already exists in the room without cooling it first. 

The unit is beautiful and will fit into any modern home or apartment. Units are available in 10,000 and 14,000 BTU sizes. This is the equivalent size of a small window air conditioner and should have the power to cool a 350 to 450-square-foot room. 

Controlling the unit is particularly easy. Not only does it come with an LCD remote, but it also has LG ThinQ technology, allowing you to voice-activate it from your Alexa or Hey Google. Failing this, it has an easy-to-use control panel on the unit. 

Everything you need to get started is included, such as a window venting installation kit. It also comes with removable and washable filters for easy maintenance. 

Westpoint 12000 BTU 1 Ton Rotary Compressor Portable Air Conditioner

Westpoint is a quality, reliable manufacturer of commercial and residential air conditioning products. They do a wide range of portable units and window and wall-mounted split models. While this 12,000 model BTU is the largest, they also do more miniature versions of around 9000 BTU. 

One of the biggest attractions is the energy efficiency inherent in Westpoint products. All their products have an intelligent on and off standby system. This will cut energy consumption from standard 5W to 0.5W, saving around 90% energy output. 

While the units are only excellent, they have numerous additions to help purify and filter your air. A self-evaporative system inside will reduce moisture build-up and humidity. In-built high-efficiency particle air filters (HEPA) will remove allergens such as pollen, increasing comfort for those in the room. 

Gree 5,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The Gree 5,000 BTU is a great, compact, reliable unit for a more undersized portable AC in Dubai. You can use it to cool a room of around 150 square feet, and it also has dehumidifying properties with up to 2.3 pints per hour. It also has a fan option, and the whole thing works at three variable speeds. 

Unlike pricier models, it does not come with integrated innovative technology, so you can save a lot if this is something that does not interest you. Instead, a simple LED digital display controls the unit, which includes auto, sleep, and timer functions. 

You can also have it set up straight out of the box. Though it does need venting through a window, the kit included for helping you do this is efficient and easy to use. For maintenance, it also has a removable and washable mesh filter. 

GE Smart Portable Air Conditioner 10500 BTU

General Electric has packed many features into this very affordable unit. With 10,500 BTU, it can cool a room up to 450 square feet. Astonishingly at this price, it even stretches to easy-function intelligent controls. 

Like many larger units, it comes with three modes: a three-speed fan, a cooling system, and a dehumidifier. In most conditions, any excess water from the unit will evaporate, so you won’t have to drain it away. If you want increased performance, an additional kit can turn it from a single hose to a dual hose. 

The controls are also simple. You can command it via the Smart HQ app, scheduling, monitoring, and controlling output. If you want to keep it simple, LED controls and a remote will let you adjust it from anywhere in the room. 

If this was not enough, several other features are bundled into the unit. A removable, washable filter, easy-to-move casters, and 24-hour on and off timer make it exceptional to use and maintain.  

Purchasing the Best Portable AC

Once you’ve figured out which portable AC unit is the appropriate size for your room, you may then select which one suits your budget. In order to only pay for features, you wish to use when buying an air conditioner, make sure you research the air conditioners first. HVAC Souq is the first stop for all your jobs, services, and everything else you might need in the UAE. Stay cool on your arrival by reading our article on AC installation.

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