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21 Sep

Furniture Assembly Services

By Handyman Dubai

Expert Furniture Assembly and Installation Services In Dubai

Are you struggling to comprehend how to get your new couch or bed frame assembled inside your Dubai apartment? Our local, licensed, and insured handymen are here to help!  

The Handyman Services in Dubai

Our Furniture Assembly Service 

Furniture assembly is a baffling task with a million confusing parts and pieces. Don’t waste time on “do it yourself” efforts doomed to fail– hire a handyman. Handyman Dubai offers quick and courteous assemblies of home, office, and hospitality furniture. 

Often, commissioning a handyman can even save you money. Our technicians are guaranteed to give the best results. By avoiding massive pitfalls and margins of error, you prevent the costly disaster of redoing or replacing your project sooner than expected.

Our Furniture Installation Service 

We provide highly-specialized deliveries and installations of all kinds of furniture. When it comes to quality-focused furniture configurations, we are your full-service solution. With almost a decade of industry experience, Handyman Dubai completes your installation safely and in record time. 
Our most popular services include: 

  • Shelf Fixing and Installation 
  • Baby Gate Installation 
  • Ikea Cabinet and Furniture Installation 
  • Ikea Furniture Assembly 
  • Fencing Installation and Repair 

If you don’t see your project listed, don’t worry. Contact us today–we’ll do everything we can to find a technician to complete the job. 

Why Trust Handyman Dubai

We never send you an ill-equipped or unskilled handyman. When you choose our service, you receive trade-qualified personnel for even the smallest tasks. Our professional, experienced technicians can help you with any brand of furniture. From sofas to box springs and armories to wall units, we’ll handle it all whenever you call. 
Here are only a few of the reasons Dubai loves Handyman: 

Unparalleled Service 

We strive to give you prompt responses around the clock. Handyman feels a sense of urgency regarding any matters related to the satisfaction of our clientele. If you find yourself dissatisfied with our service, we always own up to our problems and remain responsive. 

Certified Technicians 

While we find you an immediate price quote, we also work on finding you the handyman best-suited to your unique obstacles. You can rest assured knowing all of our technicians are licensed and insured experts in their fields. 

A Proven Process

As soon as our team members receive the call, they are dispatched to rescue you from your furniture nightmare. Proficient in the most advanced technologies, methods, and processes in the furniture installation sector, they waste no time to get the job done right. 

Safety and Reliability 

The safety of our clients’ health and homes is our priority. We are committed to providing accident-free services to keep both our employees and customers happy and secure. 

Ready To Hire A Handyman

Hiring a Handyman Dubai technician is the most convenient way to get your new furniture items right where they need to be without breaking your back in the process. 

05 Sep

Handyman Services in Dubai

By Handyman Dubai

The Top-Rated Handyman Services Available In Dubai

We Provide Quality And Affordable Home Repairs And Improvement Services.

The Best Handyman Services for All Your Home Issues

Have you been looking for local handyman services that are faster, affordable, and offer quality services? We have a team of licensed professionals to meet all your handyman needs. We offer home renovation services as well as repairs, maintenance, and installation services.

Professional Handyman Services in Dubai

Fast & Reliable Handyman Service

We are a trusted and reliable home repair company that provides quality handyman services. We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals in various sectors to provide services for all kinds of odd jobs. Our team is committed to providing safe and innovative solutions for your home repair and improvement problems.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Handyman services such as installation, repair, and replacement of indoor and outdoor items. The best repair company. 
  • Air conditioning cleaning, installation, and replacement services.
  • Painting services.
  • Electrical installation and replacement services.
  • Plumbing handyman services.
  • AC Maintenance Services

How It Works

Step One:

Book An Appointment

Call or send a Whatsapp text through our phone number and our representatives will get in touch with you. You can also fill a form on our website including your name, email, and phone number. You will be required to select the services you need from our professionals. Add the information about the handyman service that you need. Our team will get back to you after a few minutes to set up a consultation meeting.

Step Two:

Get A Free Quote

Depending on the services you need, our team will give you a quote. Go through the estimate and make changes, if any. Complete the quote and let us provide you with the best handyman services.

Step Three:

Get Handyman Services

We provide our services on the same day of request. We understand that your request may be an emergency, and that is why we respond as soon as possible. Let us work at your convenience, as some services may take more than a day.

Affordable Handyman Services

Get Quality and Affordable Handyman Services Today

We are your best choice for handyman services, Dubai and beyond. 

Contact us now for repairs, maintenance, and home improvement services!

We Are Your First Choice For Handyman Services in Dubai

We have provided handyman services in UAE for more than 7 years. Handyman Dubai has a wide range of experienced and skilled professionals committed to home repair and improvement services. We have worked with clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, and Alain who have rated us as the best handyman service providers.

What It Costs To Get Handyman Services

The pricing for handyman services will depend on the type of service you need. Talk to our team for the right estimate. Get a 10% discount on the grand total and get quality and affordable services. 

Our Guarantee

With our advanced innovations, technology, and methods, we guarantee you a 100% satisfaction with our services.

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    14 Jun

    Handyman Springs Dubai

    By Handyman Dubai

    Handyman Springs Dubai
    The Springs community is a quaint villa community with peaceful streets nestled next to beautiful parks and lakes.

    There are not only plenty of cafes and restaurants in The springs souk but is also a hub of coffee-shops, cinemas, Spa and saloons, and supermarkets located center in the heart of the community to meet your basic needs. The Springs is a landmark of greenery and striking lakes, distinctive architecture catches everyone’s attention. The Springs is an ideal community to have an extraordinary life in Dubai.

    Handyman Services in Springs Dubai

    Handyman Services in Springs Dubai

    Most Trending Handyman Service in Springs Dubai

    We provide excellent and prompt handyman services in Springs and it’s surroundings including pictures and frames hanging or installation, mirrors, curtains, and TV installation services and all kinds of general drilling services and you can hire the handyman with all the maintenance toolkit on hourly hire service.

    We are an expert in furniture assembly services for IKEA and other manufacturers.

    Whether you just moved in or moving out, from the dishwasher and washing machine installation service to filling ups holes from the walls and patching up, complete wall and ceiling painting service to paint touch-ups.

    Our expert plumbers can help you in all kinds of plumbing chores, like water heater replacement or installation, fixing running toilet water, toilet accessories installation, unclogging of drains, and fixing of any kind of water leakage.

    Dubai is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and sand dunes, which is why Dubai’s weather is hot to its extent. When it comes to Dubai’s weather, Air conditioning has become an integral part of everyday life. It is important to keep the Air conditioning units well maintained to keep the environment of your villa cool and cozy. Air conditioning units must be kept well-maintained to keep your villa’s indoor environment cool and cozy. Air conditioners are the ultra-modern machines that require proper maintenance and repair to perform at their best.

    Air Conditioning Services in Springs

    Air Conditioning Services in Springs

    Top-Notch and Cost-Effective Air Conditioning Services in Springs

    We provide excellent and reliable air conditioning maintenance services in springs

    The Air Conditioner needs periodic maintenance to ensure that it’s operating at the highest efficiency. To keep indoor air quality fresh and to avoid contamination Air conditioning units need special AC deep cleaning service at least once a month. Scheduled periodic AC maintenance not only saves money and energy, but it will also help in its longevity.

    Our services includes repairing, servicing, cleaning, and maintenance of AC units, as we specialize in professional AC cleaning services with advanced machines and splendid cleaning solutions.

    Type of AC Repairs Offered we Offer:

    Our technicians are also trained enough to catch the exact issue of your AC and repair it accordingly. We provide affordable and prompt AC repairing services mentioned below:

    AC Compressor Issues

    The compressor is the soul of AC that cools down the air and provides cooling. When in unfortunate times AC compressor malfunctions, it’s need either repair or replacement (depending on the severity of fault and compressor ‘s age or conditioner). Our professional technicians can help you in that situation as they can fix the compressor issue with the most suitable and affordable solution and have years of experience in the respective field.

    Refrigerant / AC Gas Top Up

    If refrigerants of your AC unit are not at proper level or leaked, you may face issues like improper cooling or no cooling at all. But nothing to worry about as it can be refilled after fixing the leakage by our highly trained and experienced professionals.
    You can get our best technician for fixing your damaged refrigerants with just a single phone call.

    Why choose us?

    • We have all the necessary and latest AC cleaning, maintenance, and repairing equipment.
    • We remain 24/7 active to help you.
    • We give a quick response and appoint the most suitable and technician to give you the best service.

    We provide premium and fast track solutions to all residential and commercial premises in Dubai

    Our expert emergency teams provide quick fixes for faults and quick replacement of AC parts

    Movers in Springs

    If you are looking for reliable movers in springs, checkout Dubai Local Movers

    Dubai Local Movers provide packing moving and self storage services and have an ongoing promotion of 10% off on every move and additional 10% on when you refer them to your friends or colleagues.
    Dubai Local movers are most recommended movers in Springs

    09 Aug

    HVAC Maintenance

    By Handyman Dubai

    HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

    Keeping your HVAC hardware in decent shape can spare you more than cash and time; it can spare your rational soundness. Envision relaxing in your agreeable home in the dead of winter when your warmth pump comes up short or get ready for a late spring party when your ventilation system glitches.

    Scrambling to discover an expert before you need to persevere through the uneasiness of a breakdown can be upsetting and tedious. Utilizing a trustworthy organization, for example, HVAC Services in Dubai, DXB, for your HVAC upgrade can enable you to avoid HVAC repair crises.

    Instant Booking Form

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      050 9113683

      HVAC Cleaning, Air Filter Replacement, HVAC Repair Services

      **we also supply and install HVAC units!

      Essential HVAC Maintenance list

      A HVAC examination ought to incorporate the accompanying:

      • Thermostat setting evaluation – Your settings should keep your space agreeable when you are around to appreciate it and change to preserve control when you are not home.
      • Electrical association check – Connections ought to be cozy, and the voltage and current readings should help mirror this.
      • Lubrication – Lubrication diminishes resistance and causes you spare vitality.
      • Condensate deplete examination – The condensate deplete ought to be assessed to guarantee that it is not stopped up or discouraged.
      • General operation evaluation – A specialist ought to affirm that the framework starts, runs and stop effectively.
      • Outdoor unit investigation – Debris and soil ought to be expelled from the zone around the open air HVAC unit.
      • Fan evaluation – The engine and sharp edges on the fan ought to be checked to ensure they are not harmed.
      • Air channel substitution – Air channels ought to be supplanted consistently to keep up wind current and air quality.

      Particular Cooling and Heating System Maintenance

      The cooling framework should to have extra investigations and support finished.

      • Coil cleaning – The curls on the evaporator and the condenser ought to be cleaned. This can enable your unit to work even more proficiently and increment the life of your framework.
      • Refrigerant check – Too much or too minimal refrigerant can be a waste. Help shield proficient operation by ensuring refrigerant levels are perfect.
      • Blower support – Adjusting the blower parts can help keep up legitimate wind current. The blower gathering ought to be cleaned amid routine upkeep.
      • Examine warming components – For safe operation, gas or oil associations ought to be spotless and unblemished, and there ought to be no holes.

      The most effective method to Setup a Maintenance Agreement

      Air Specialists, in Bellaire TX, offer support contracts or one-time upkeep checkups. The organization gives exhaustive upkeep that incorporates the things on the agenda above. We can set up an agreement for routine support or evaluate your HVAC framework whenever. Keep your home all right with customary upgrade.

      for further details on our ac maintenance services please click here

      18 Dec

      Best Handyman Services Dubai

      By Handyman Dubai

      Best Handyman Services in Dubai

      Many of the handyman companies are running their business in this field for over years but When it comes to best handyman services in Dubai; RST Technical Service should be the first priority of one’s because for many years RST Technical Service is serving their clients in a very ethical manner. We are not so much promising like other we just do what we commit.

      Our commitments are much more for us because we

      RST Technical Service is the leading company providing professional and skilled handyman company in all over UAE. RST Technical Service is your own local based licensed handyman company serving you residentially and commercially at very cost affective rates.

      We work in a friendly way and take care of you and your belongings just like family. We take care of your property well maintained.

      Why Choose Us?

      • Fastest reach time
      • Licensed Company in Dubai
      • Jobs guaranteed and insured
      • Competitive prices
      • Highly qualified handymen
      • Local, family-run business
      • Professional service
      • Excellent customer care
      • Recommendations from satisfied customers