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We all understand that only a good & expert painter can give the details and finishing necessary to complete an exquisite paint job. If the interiors are not as per your expectations and quality then the whole effort is wasted. “You must always hire only a professional painter in Dubai”
Our painters are not only expert but adoptable as well to fit your requirements, properly filling of wholes in the wall, sanding the surface area to make it even and ready to be smoothly painted.
They have the proper tools and on time finishing approach. Every coat of paint is carefully applied, wether its a decorative paint or simple single color wall paint.

Painting is one of our Speciality in which we take pride of, We have expert painters for “Jotun Lady Design – Textured interior paint”. We can deliver any kind paint finish from matt finish to glossy, shiny or semi glossy.

We have special package and painters to quickly complete move in and move out basic painting services tailored specially for landlords and tenants.

We can give you best rates for complete interior painting services with single or multiple colors for wall and ceiling painting.

You should not hesitate to call us incase you are looking for your cabinet and door to be painted to give them a new finish, our furniture painters are highly skilled in painting doors, frames, cabinets and other furniture with or without spray paints, depending on your need and most importantly when they finish the job, it’s always a clean and tidy work which impress most of our clients.

Inside our homes are the most important spaces of our lives and with a right color you can make them appealing and enjoyable.

The Quickest and Easiest way to transform the look of your room is by interior painting

you can choose from our catalogue, tons of colors and textures to give your room a fantastic makeover.

Why you should hire us?

We pride ourself in all king of painting and decorating services in Dubai, wether its and apartment, villa, condo, townhouse, office, warehouse, or entire building.
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    Our Painter Decorator Services Provide you with:

    • Full preparation to Ceiling and Wall surfaces – to get the correct end result you have to start from the correct surface. We make sure everything is prepared to ensure the best possible end result
    • Re plastering/Skimming to poor surfaces or to improve surface finish – this goes hand in hand with any prep work
    • Application of paints by hand (brushed where required), in a Matt, Vinyl Matt, Sheen, or Silk finish in color of choice, or Traditional emulsion – whatever finish you require we have the right tools for the job
    • Preparation and application of Decorative effects (broken –color) – really make your rooms stand out with specially prepared effect feature walls
    • Preparation to wood surfaces, doors, windows, skirting boards etc, and application of primers, undercoats, and finishes in a Flat oil, Eggshell, Satin, or Gloss finish.
    • High gloss or Coach finishes to Doors – get those interior and exterior doors looking their very best
    • Preparation and hanging of lining papers, or wall coverings of your choice – I you choose to go with wallpaper rather a painted finish we have the experts at hand to provide the best possible painting decorating service. We guarantee no no bubbles and the best possible finish
    • Exterior painting – Whether it be for walls, fences, gates or decking we have all the equipment at hand to make your property look it’s best
    • We will work with you on your color scheme if needed.We recommend that samples be applied to your house so will not be surprised by the final look.
    • We use highest quality materials available in the market so you can be assured of getting the best possible paint job.
    • We do high end custom residential interior painting at an affordable price. All prep work is included.We patch holes, caulk cracks, sand and prime where ever needed and protect all your furnishings.