Handyman Silicon Oasis

Handyman Silicon Oasis Dubai

Dubai Silicon Oasis’s urban master-planned community has been carefully divided into 5 main pillars based on industrial, commercial, education, living and residences, and public facilities. The technology park enjoys state-of-the-art utility infrastructure featuring advanced telecommunications, electricity, and road networks.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is designed as a hi-tech ecosystem which offers businesses a plethora of advantages including a state-of-the-art infrastructure, in-house business services, and strong business support.

Handyman is a person, who is professionally skilled provide a reliable handyman service at a wide range of repair, typically around the home. Our professional handyman knows very well how to start a handyman service. These tasks include trade skill ,repair work, maintenance work, both interior and exterior, and some time “odd jobs”, and fix-up task .and include light plumbing job such as fixing a leaky toilet or light electric job such as changing a light fixture

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