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we are your local licensed handyman services provider with recommendations with an aim to provide you hassle free home improvement services at your door step and on a single call.

Handyman Services in Dubai Marina

Renovation and Repair Services can be Categorized into Below:

handyman services in dubai marina

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    Source: www.emaar.com

    4.1.2.Service providers, building contractors and handymen are permitted to enter into the community only with approved entry permits and documents issued by the Community Manager. Owners and Residents will be responsible, at their own expense, for any further pest control required within the boundaries (both Internal and external) of their own property. Owners and Residents are, however, asked to inform the Community Manager of any pests other than ants, non-poisonous spiders, bees and wasps found on their property.

    4.4.Commercial Vehicles

    Commercial vehicles may not be visibly parked or stored within the Master Community except temporarily for a maximum of four (4) hours while providing a delivery or service to the Management or to a Resident.

    5.2.Pest Control

    5.2.1.Each Unit should be routinely controlled for pests prior to the occupancy of the property by the Resident. This shall include the regular cleaning of any water feature (fountain, pond, etc) to ensure that mosquito or other pestilence does not breed in the water feature.

    5.2.2.Owners and Residents will be responsible, at their own expense, for any further pest control required within the boundaries (both Internal and external) of their own property. Owners and Residents are, however, asked to inform the Community Manager of any pests other than ants, non-poisonous spiders, bees and wasps found on their property.

    6.1.2.Window screens must be maintained in good condition. Damaged screens are to be repaired or replaced by the Resident.

    6.7.1.The Master Owners Association controls and regulates the construction of alterations or improvements within the Master Community. Accordingly, no 15 Owner or Resident shall build, construct, erect or install any Improvements on his Lot without complying with the Architectural Guidelines set forth in the Rules.

    6.7.2.Except for the purposes of proper maintenance and repair, and except as otherwise permitted, no Resident shall build, construct, erect, install or undertake any alteration or improvement without first submitting appropriate plans and specifications to the Management and obtaining the approval of the Owners Association.

    6.7.3.Any approval for home improvement should have the No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) or approval documents displayed prominently a t the site during the period of the construction or alteration work and kept on file to validate for future owners of the property that the alteration was approved by the Owners Association.

    The Detailed Guidelines on Emaar’s master community rules can be downloaded from here http://www.emaar.com/emaar.upload/emr-singapore-en-us/cms/master_rules_dm_tcm3-8703.pdf

    So if you are planning to hire a professional handyman in Dubai marina, make sure following:

    • All the Drilling work should be done before 5pm
    • Make sure the responsibility of obtaining NOC from Emaar (it could be the handyman service provider or it could be you submitting application yourself.)
    • If you are going to do Major Alterations in your apartment or office make sure you have the drawing and all supporting documents with you.
    • The Handymen Should be aware of the Community Law, must be insured and the Technicians should be fast enough to Complete your DIY List.
    • Always plan the scheduled maintenance for your premises as ignoring the maintenance could create serious issues.
    • Weather in Dubai is HOT and To Live in peacefully you must have proper functioning Air cons, from our experience most of the people ignore the twice a year annual maintenance of Air con units and lead their Air Cons to Blowing Hot Air, No Cooling, Water Leaking or Tripping unit issues, and then those residents seems to be calling Contractors or Handyman services at 2.00am in the morning or 12.00 midnight which off course is the inconvenience for them and the contractors answering that call as well as at that time no contractor is will be willing or allowed to work.
    • The Interior Painting is a must thing for all residents of Dubai as it can reduce odors and fumes, and promote healthy, indoor air quality for you and your family. You must schedule a Painting coats done with high quality paints, like Jotun, Benjamin Moore or Kelly Moore. Once a Year to support your interior and keep your home value high.

    Towers in Dubai Marina

    • Pentominium
    • Marina 106 Tower
    • Marina 101 Tower
    • Princess Tower
    • 23 Marina
    • Elite Residence
    • S Residence
    • DAMAC Residenze
    • The Torch
    • Ocean Heights
    • Cayan Tower
    • The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa at JBR
    • Dubai Beachfront Hotel
    • Emirates Crown
    • Sulafa Tower
    • Marina Pinnacle
    • Marina Gate Residence Tower 2
    • Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel and Suites
    • Mag 218 Tower
    • Marina Gate Residence Tower 3
    • Botanica Tower
    • Marina Quays West
    • Marina Residences
    • Al Habtoor Tower
    • The Paloma
    • The Summit
    • Dubai Marina Mall Serviced Residences
    • La Riviera Tower
    • No. 9 Tower
    • The Shemara
    • Iris Blue
    • Marsa Tower
    • The Royal Oceanic
    • The Attessa
    • Fairfield Tower
    • Bonaire Tower
    • Al Mejara Tower A
    • Oceanic Tower
    • TFG Marina Hotel
    • Ariyana Tower
    • The Waves 2
    • ARY Marina View
    • Al Mejara Tower E
    • Marina Byblos Hotel
    • Gulf National
    • Lootah Complex
    • Panoramic
    • Pearl Marina Hotel Apartments
    • Marina First
    • Jannah Marina Bay Suites
    • Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa
    • Carlton Marina Luxury Apartments 2
    • Emerald Residence
    • The Belvedere
    • Westside Dubai Marina
    • Jannah Place Hotel
    • Marina Park
    • Marina Pearl
    • Al Seef Tower
    • Grosvenor House West Marina Beach
    • Le Reve
    • Grosvenor House The Residence
    • Marina Heights Tower
    • Tamani Hotel Marina
    • Marina Crown
    • Marina Gate Residence Tower 1
    • Horizon Tower
    • Mesk Tower
    • Murjan Tower
    • Marina Terrace
    • Bay Central Central Tower
    • Dusit Residence
    • Dream Tower
    • Pier Eight
    • Katherine Price Mondadori Tower
    • Time Place
    • Bay Central West Tower
    • Bay Central East Tower
    • Skyview Tower
    • Al Habtoor Tower
    • Al Mejara Tower B
    • Studio One
    • West Avenue Tower
    • Stella Hotel
    • Zumurud Tower
    • Casa Del Mar
    • Sparkle Tower A
    • Orra Marina
    • Manchester Tower
    • Ice Tower
    • Marina Wharf 1
    • Carlton Marina Luxury Apartments 1
    • Marina Wharf 2
    • The Delphine
    • Liv Residence
    • Miramar
    • The Pacific
    • The Waves 1
    • Park Island (FairField)
    • Dubai Marina Mall
    • My Tower
    • Dolce Vita
    • Bunyan Tower
    • Radisson SAS Venti Quattro
    • The Jewels Tower 2
    • The Jewels Tower 1
    • Habtoor Grand Hotel Tower 1
    • Anbar Tower
    • Dorrabay
    • Marina Residence
    • The Waterfront
    • KG Tower
    • Marina Sky Tower 2
    • Marina Sky Tower 1
    • Vida Residences Dubai Marina
    • Stella Maris Tower
    • Marina Arcade
    • Azure
    • Silverene Tower A
    • Donna Hotel Tower
    • Marina Tower
    • Escan Marina
    • Al Mass Tower
    • Continental Tower
    • Marina Mansions
    • The Point
    • Yass Tower
    • Silverene Tower B
    • ARJ Tower
    • Sanibel Tower
    • Blakely Tower
    • Dubai Marina Star
    • Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Dubai
    • Habtoor Grand Hotel Tower 2
    • Eden Blue Tower
    • Gargash Tower
    • Fairooz Tower
    • Al Dua’a Marina Tower
    • DEC Tower 2
    • Avant Tower
    • Crown Plaza Dubai Marina
    • The Beauport
    • Bayside Residence
    • Marina View Tower 1
    • Marina Sail
    • Al Sahab Tower 2
    • The One by Wyndham
    • The Aurora
    • Sukoon Tower
    • DEC Tower 1
    • Rove Hotel Dubai Marina
    • The Atlantic
    • Marina Diamond 6
    • Marina Diamond 5
    • Marina Diamond 4
    • Orra Harbour
    • The Zen
    • Yacht Bay
    • Al Zarooni Complex Building
    • ARY Marina Piers
    • The Cascades
    • Marina Gate Tower
    • Marina Suites
    • Casa Del Sol
    • Supreme Residency 2
    • Sparkle Tower B
    • Marina Diamond 3
    • Marina Diamond 2
    • The Lighthouse
    • Marina Diamond 1
    • La Residencia Del Mar
    • Al Mejara Tower C
    • Durrat Al Marsa Tower
    • Marina Diamond 7
    • Marina View Tower 2
    • Al Mejara Tower D
    • Marina Quays 3
    • Marina Quays 2
    • The Adress Dubai Marina
    • Al Sahab Tower 1
    • Trident Grand Residence

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    • http://www.ikea.com
    • http://www.emaar.com
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