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Dubai Marina is an excellent area in Dubai that make peoples love it, whether they are residents or guests; Dubai Marina is a well-planned community that holds several architectural benchmarks of Dubai.

It’s one of Dubai’s Best Urban Lifestyle Waterfront communities having fascinating views and a modern lifestyle.

While Residents of Dubai Marina, whether Home Owners or Tenants, manage to make significantly less spare time from their day-to-day life routines because of their busy lifestyles & Schedules, their DIY (Do It Yourself) List get bigger and bigger.

Home Needs Care, and for its Care, it needs improvement and preventive maintenance, whether its some soaking wet area of the wall or some Painted area that fainted; the Bathroom needs updating, re-grouting, or some fixture of new taps, Living Room needs to be painted, the AC Needs Servicing and you ran out of the Servicing Schedule.

Home Improvement, Bringing Trends to the home, does not always require an Interior Designer. Today’s Modern Age is full of resources and especially the Internet; you can always get ideas from the Internet for Home Improvement, Tips & Tricks, and the look and feel you require.

You went to Home Improvement/furnishing Stores like Home Centre, Homes R Us, or Especially IKEA, probably the most popular Home Improvement Store in Dubai amongst ex-pats.

You got some shelves to be fixed, some fixtures for Bathrooms, replacing or Adding Chandeliers, and New Curtains or Curtain Rails to be installed. IKEA has a wide range of Shelves and Lacks, and maybe you have a few, and now you need to install them perfectly to bring the trend to your home you always wanted.

Dubai Marina is a Community built by One of Dubai’s Big Developers, EMAAR. Emaar has set some community rules and regulations for contractors and home improvement needs for all the projects they made or handled, especially Dubai Marina.

So if you need Professional Handyman Services for Home Improvement or some Painting Work, you should be aware of these rules and must plan your schedule accordingly.


Revised Master Community Rules Version 4.2.1 Source: www.emaar.com
4.1.2 Service providers, building contractors, and handymen are only permitted to enter the community with approved entry permits and documents issued by the Community Manager. Owners and Residents will be responsible for any additional pest control required within the boundaries of their property (both Internal and external). Owners and Residents must inform the Community Manager about any pests other than ants, non-poisonous spiders, bees, or wasps on their property.
4.4 Commercial Vehicles
Commercial vehicles may not be visibly parked or stored within the Master Community except temporarily for a maximum of four (4) hours while providing delivery or service to either the Management or a Resident.
5.2 Pest Control
5.2.1 Each Unit should be routinely controlled for pests before occupancy by a Resident; this shall include regularly cleaning any water feature (fountain, pond, etc.) to prevent mosquito breeding or another pestilence in these areas.

MASTER COMMUNITY RULES VERSION: 4.2.1 Source: www.emaar.com

The Detailed Guidelines on Emaar’s master community rules can be downloaded here http://www.emaar.com/emaar.upload/emr-singapore-en-us/cms/master_rules_dm_tcm3-8703.pdf.

So if you are planning to hire a professional handyman in Dubai marina, make sure to do the following:

  • All drilling work must be completed by 5 pm.
  • Additionally, it is the responsibility of the person carrying out the work or the handyman service provider to obtain a NOC from Emaar for any significant alterations.
  • The handymen should also be familiar with community rules and regulations and must have the relevant insurance in place, while technicians should be fast enough to complete DIY tasks quickly.
  • Scheduled maintenance for premises must be addressed as issues may arise if ignored.
  • It is essential to maintain air conditioning units in Dubai due to their hot climate, as malfunctioning units can lead to an inconvenience at odd night hours when no contractor can come on-site.
  • To keep indoor air quality high and reduce odors and fumes, interior painting should take place once a year using high-quality paint such as Jotun, Benjamin Moore, or Kelly Moore.

Handyman Dubai has been working in Dubai Marina Areas and has well-experienced staff to reach every corner of Dubai Marina; they are like your friendly neighborhood team who knows your area very well; the regions in which Handyman Dubai have successfully worked and have happy customer are following:

We wish you an Improved, trendiest, and well-maintained living in Dubai Marina

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