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22 Mar

Best Painting Services in Dubai

By Handyman Dubai

Experts in
Wall Painting | Decorative Painting | Wood Painting | Spray Painting | Floor Painting | Door Painting


We all understand that only a good & expert painter can give the details and finishing necessary to complete an exquisite paint job. If the interiors are not as per your expectations and quality then the whole effort is wasted. “You must always hire only a professional painter in Dubai”
Our painters are not only expert but adoptable as well to fit your requirements, properly filling of wholes in the wall, sanding the surface area to make it even and ready to be smoothly painted.
They have the proper tools and on time finishing approach. Every coat of paint is carefully applied, wether its a decorative paint or simple single color wall paint.

Painting is one of our Speciality in which we take pride of, We have expert painters for “Jotun Lady Design – Textured interior paint”. We can deliver any kind paint finish from matt finish to glossy, shiny or semi glossy.

We have special package and painters to quickly complete move in and move out basic painting services tailored specially for landlords and tenants.

We can give you best rates for complete interior painting services with single or multiple colors for wall and ceiling painting.

You should not hesitate to call us incase you are looking for your cabinet and door to be painted to give them a new finish, our furniture painters are highly skilled in painting doors, frames, cabinets and other furniture with or without spray paints, depending on your need and most importantly when they finish the job, it’s always a clean and tidy work which impress most of our clients.

Painting Services Dubai
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Inside our homes are the most important spaces of our lives and with a right color you can make them appealing and enjoyable.

The Quickest and Easiest way to transform the look of your room is by interior painting

you can choose from our catalogue, tons of colors and textures to give your room a fantastic makeover.

Why you should hire us?

We pride ourself in all king of painting and decorating services in Dubai, wether its and apartment, villa, condo, townhouse, office, warehouse, or entire building.
In case you have any specific requirements or simply wanna hire us, just use the form below to send us an instant inquiry or simply call us on 050 9113683

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    Our Painter Decorator Services Provide you with:

    • Full preparation to Ceiling and Wall surfaces – to get the correct end result you have to start from the correct surface. We make sure everything is prepared to ensure the best possible end result
    • Re plastering/Skimming to poor surfaces or to improve surface finish – this goes hand in hand with any prep work
    • Application of paints by hand (brushed where required), in a Matt, Vinyl Matt, Sheen, or Silk finish in color of choice, or Traditional emulsion – whatever finish you require we have the right tools for the job
    • Preparation and application of Decorative effects (broken –color) – really make your rooms stand out with specially prepared effect feature walls
    • Preparation to wood surfaces, doors, windows, skirting boards etc, and application of primers, undercoats, and finishes in a Flat oil, Eggshell, Satin, or Gloss finish.
    • High gloss or Coach finishes to Doors – get those interior and exterior doors looking their very best
    • Preparation and hanging of lining papers, or wall coverings of your choice – I you choose to go with wallpaper rather a painted finish we have the experts at hand to provide the best possible painting decorating service. We guarantee no no bubbles and the best possible finish
    • Exterior painting – Whether it be for walls, fences, gates or decking we have all the equipment at hand to make your property look it’s best
    • We will work with you on your color scheme if needed.We recommend that samples be applied to your house so will not be surprised by the final look.
    • We use highest quality materials available in the market so you can be assured of getting the best possible paint job.
    • We do high end custom residential interior painting at an affordable price. All prep work is included.We patch holes, caulk cracks, sand and prime where ever needed and protect all your furnishings.
    18 Dec

    Handyman Dubai Maintenance

    By Handyman Dubai

    Best Handyman Dubai Maintenance

    Dubai is a huge city with several district articles containing sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings, Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is rather like an independent city-state and is the most modern and progressive emirate in the UAE, developing at an unbelievable pace in the tourist and trade sectors especially. Recently Dubai won the bid to host EXPO 2020, a Universal scale Registered Exposition approved by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), Paris.

    Looking for a quality handyman service??? RST Technical services make it easy for you .our highly qualified handymen specialize in exactly the type job you need done. Just tell us a few details about your diy handyman project and we’ll match you to the best for the job.
    For over many years we’re providing wide range of high quality home maintenance services. Our handyman for hire gives you the peace of mind and comes to know you hired a handyman you can trust.
    We’re RST Technicians and we’ll take care of your do it yourself list. Home remodeling or relocating is what everybody gets excited about. We understand that sometimes your home maintenance projects get bigger enough and become a fuss for you. No need to take stress we’re here for making your relocation stress free and pleasant and give you a complete peace of mind.

    Whether you’re talking about some fix, install or repair RST Technical services is your reliable and most trusted partner in all over UAE on which you can rely on!!!
    No job too big, no job too small. Whether it’s about to repair a floor or maintain a countertop or as simple as replace a bulb. It’s all about care! Feel free to call us.
    It’s time to make the list disappear. We’re your local based handyman company providing quality services at cheaper rates. We work in a friendly atmosphere and our repairman takes care of you and your belongings like a family.
    Feel free to discuss your project with us we’ll give you handyman diy tips.

    Moving & Packing Services

    At Handyman Dubai, we understand that relocating premises or moving house can be a stressful event.
    We are here to assist you with our professional movers and packers service. With plenty of relocation experience, we enable to come to grips with a range of different jobs for both residential and businesses alike. In fact, we are Handyman Dubai choice for companies in need of complete services of moving; offering a services that ensures minimal downtime.

    The Mover Dubai is United Arab Emirates premier Handyman Service. We are here to make your home or office run as it should – beautifully! The Handy People is a Guild of Professional Handymen and Handyman Dubai Maintenance has a team of skilled and experienced handymen ready to help you.
    For residential move, we enable to move everything from small, miscellaneous items through to that antique grand piano, as we are expert furniture movers who know how to handle each and every item with the utmost care.
    Stop searching for moving companies and call Handyman Dubai now!

    13 May

    Handyman Dubai Marina

    By Handyman Dubai

    Handyman Dubai Marina

    Dubai Marina is an awesome area in Dubai that make peoples to love it in weather they are residents or their guests, Dubai Marina is well planned community which holds several architectural benchmarks of Dubai

    It’s one of the Dubai’s Best Urban Lifestyle Waterfront community having fascinating views and modern lifestyle.

    While Residents of Dubai Marina, weather they are Home Owners or the Tenants manage to make very less spare time from their day to day life routines because of their busy lifestyle & Schedules, their DIY (Do It Yourself) List get bigger and bigger.

    Home Needs Care, and for its care it needs improvement and preventive maintenance, weather its some soaking wet area of the wall or some Painted area that fainted, The Bathroom needs updating, re grouting or some fixture of new taps, Living Room needs to be painted, the AC Needs Servicing and you ran out of the Servicing Schedule.

    Home Improvement, Bringing Trends to home does not always require an interior Designer.

    Today’s Modern Age is full or resources and especially Internet, you can always get ideas from Internet for Home Improvement, the tips & Tricks and look and feel you require.

    You went to Home Improvement / furnishing Stores like Home Centre, Homes R Us or Especially IKEA probably the most popular Home Improvement Store in Dubai amongst expats.

    You got some shelves to be fixed, some fixtures for Bathrooms, replacing or Adding Chandeliers, New Curtains or Curtain Rail to be installed, IKEA have a wide range of Shelves and Lacks, and maybe you got few and now you need install them perfectly to bring the trend to your home you always wanted.

    Dubai Marina is a Community build by One of Dubai’s Big Developers EMAAR, Emaar have set some community rules and regulations for contractors and home improvement needs to all the projects they made or they handle and especially Dubai Marina.

    So if you need a Professional Handyman Services for Home Improvement or some Painting Works, you should be aware of these rules and must plan schedule accordingly.


    MASTER COMMUNITY RULES VERSION: 4.2.1 Source: www.emaar.com

    4.1.2.Service providers, building contractors and handymen are permitted to enter into the community only with approved entry permits and documents issued by the Community Manager. Owners and Residents will be responsible, at their own expense, for any further pest control required within the boundaries (both Internal and external) of their own property. Owners and Residents are, however, asked to inform the Community Manager of any pests other than ants, non-poisonous spiders, bees and wasps found on their property.

    4.4.Commercial Vehicles

    Commercial vehicles may not be visibly parked or stored within the Master Community except temporarily for a maximum of four (4) hours while providing a delivery or service to the Management or to a Resident.

    5.2.Pest Control

    5.2.1.Each Unit should be routinely controlled for pests prior to the occupancy of the property by the Resident. This shall include the regular cleaning of any water feature (fountain, pond, etc) to ensure that mosquito or other pestilence does not breed in the water feature.

    5.2.2.Owners and Residents will be responsible, at their own expense, for any further pest control required within the boundaries (both Internal and external) of their own property. Owners and Residents are, however, asked to inform the Community Manager of any pests other than ants, non-poisonous spiders, bees and wasps found on their property.

    6.1.2.Window screens must be maintained in good condition. Damaged screens are to be repaired or replaced by the Resident.

    6.7.1.The Master Owners Association controls and regulates the construction of alterations or improvements within the Master Community. Accordingly, no 15 Owner or Resident shall build, construct, erect or install any Improvements on his Lot without complying with the Architectural Guidelines set forth in the Rules.

    6.7.2.Except for the purposes of proper maintenance and repair, and except as otherwise permitted, no Resident shall build, construct, erect, install or undertake any alteration or improvement without first submitting appropriate plans and specifications to the Management and obtaining the approval of the Owners Association.

    6.7.3.Any approval for home improvement should have the No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) or approval documents displayed prominently a t the site during the period of the construction or alteration work and kept on file to validate for future owners of the property that the alteration was approved by the Owners Association.

    The Detailed Guidelines on Emaar’s master community rules can be downloaded from here http://www.emaar.com/emaar.upload/emr-singapore-en-us/cms/master_rules_dm_tcm3-8703.pdf

    So if you are planning to hire a professional handyman in Dubai marina, make sure following:

    • All the Drilling work should be done before 5pm
    • Make sure the responsibility of obtaining NOC from Emaar (it could be the handyman service provider or it could be you submitting application yourself.)
    • If you are going to do Major Alterations in your apartment or office make sure you have the drawing and all supporting documents with you.
    • The Handymen Should be aware of the Community Law, must be insured and the Technicians should be fast enough to Complete your DIY List.
    • Always plan the scheduled maintenance for your premises as ignoring the maintenance could create serious issues.
    • Weather in Dubai is HOT and To Live in peacefully you must have proper functioning Air cons, from our experience most of the people ignore the twice a year annual maintenance of Air con units and lead their Air Cons to Blowing Hot Air, No Cooling, Water Leaking or Tripping unit issues, and then those residents seems to be calling Contractors or Handyman services at 2.00am in the morning or 12.00 midnight which off course is the inconvenience for them and the contractors answering that call as well as at that time no contractor is will be willing or allowed to work.
    • The Interior Painting is a must thing for all residents of Dubai as it can reduce odors and fumes, and promote healthy, indoor air quality for you and your family. You must schedule a Painting coats done with high quality paints, like Jotun, Benjamin Moore or Kelly Moore. Once a Year to support your interior and keep your home value high.

    RST Technical have been working in Dubai Marina Areas and have well experienced staff to reach every corners of Dubai Marina, they are like your friendly neighborhood team who knows your area very well, the areas in which RST have successfully worked and have happy customer are following:

    We wish you a Improved, trendiest and well maintained living in Dubai Marina

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