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AC Filter Cleaning and Disinfection

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AC filter cleaning is a regular job you want to schedule. It will protect your unit and your air quality. Plus, it will save you money all year round. If you use your air conditioner regularly, this is worth putting on your calendar.

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As an air conditioning cleaning expert, We take every preventive measure to treat your home with the highest respect. We are more experienced in residential & commercial heating and air conditioning systems. We want you to be enlightened about what we do and your options when it comes to the care of your approach.

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AC Filter Cleaning

The Importance of AC Filter Cleaning

It is important to both your home and your health to clean your AC filters. This is why AC filter cleaning should be a top priority.

If you live in a hot climate, what is the one thing in your home you want to never stop running? Your air conditioner! Without air conditioning, some places would be very hard to live in.

The best way to make sure your AC unit stays in top shape is to use a clean filter. AC filter cleaning is an easy way to keep your unit running at its best.

Read on to find out the benefits of having a clean air filter and how easy it is to clean your own.

AC Filter Cleaning
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Have an AC Filter?

The air conditioner has a filter to protect the unit and your air quality. The filter captures dust particles and keeps them from hurting your unit. They also keep particles from the air you breathe.

What are the Benefits of A/C Filters

  1. AC Filter Benefits
    AC filters bring benefits for the unit itself as well as the homeowner. It protects the unit. It also creates fresh air for the home, helps the homeowner save money, and helps the environment.
  2. AC Unit Protection
    Filters act as an AC cleaning service for your air conditioner. A dirty filter causes dirt to build up in the unit and damages the unit itself. Dirt hurts the evaporator coils and the condenser unit. A dirty filter also restricts airflow keeping the cold air in the unit. This causes the unit to freeze and stop working.
  3. Home Air Benefits
    The atmosphere of your home is directly affected by your AC filter. It keeps harmful allergy elements from getting into the air. The filter acts as an AC duct cleaning agent for your home. The more dirt in the air, the more negative effects for those who suffer from asthma or similar respiratory problems. If you have elderly family members at home, you want to protect their air as well.
  4. Money-Saving Benefits
    A dirty air filter can also cause your ac unit to work harder and parts will go out sooner than expected. Compressors are the most expensive part of an AC unit and if they go out, that will cost you a lot of money. Clogged filters also restrict airflow and cause your air conditioner to work harder to cool the air. They will work longer and cost you more money on your power bill.
  5. Environmental Savings
    When every home changes its filter regularly, they can save money on their electric bill. This also causes the power company to not have to produce as much electricity which helps our environment.

AC Filters Types

AC Filters come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of unit they are connected to. The shape doesn’t mean as much as the type of filter it is.


Disposable filters often have cardboard frames. They are for short-term use and should be thrown away afterward. The filter will often say on the side how long to use it.


Washable filters often have plastic or metal frames. These filters can be washed and reused in the system. There are also washable filters that have no frame and can be cut to the size you need.

Can you clean the AC filter yourself?

AC Filter Cleaning Process

  1. Cleaning the washable filter
    Cleaning your washable filter is a simple job with just a few steps. You can follow these easy steps without having to be a DIY expert.
  2. Turn AC Unit Off
    Your home thermostat should have a place where you can turn the unit off. This is better than turning it up because the unit won’t accidently kick on while you are cleaning.
  3. Remove Filter and Clean Area
    Take the filter out of the air intake area and clean around the area. A vacuum with a brush hose attachment will work great for this job. You can also clean the air intake metal that goes over the filter with the brush.
  4. Clean the Filter
    The first step to cleaning the filter is to vacuum it for the loose dirt. This can be done with a hose attachment. Then soak the filter for an hour with a one-to-one mixture of water and vinegar.
    This will clean and disinfect the filter. Then gently rinse the filter out with the hose. If you use a water sprayer, be careful not to rip the filter with too strong of a spray.
  5. Dry and Replace the Filter
    You can dry the filter by using a hairdryer or let it sit out in the sun until dry. Just make sure that it doesn’t get dirty while drying. Once it is completely dry, you can put it back in the air intake.

AC Cleaning Beyond the Filter

Changing the filter is one of the best things you can do for your air conditioner. If you want to extend its life and protect your air quality, even more, consider doing an AC deep cleaning.

This is where you get a qualified air conditioner cleaning service to come inspect and clean all parts of your unit. They can even check the quality of your air ducts to see if they need cleaning and disinfection.

AC cleaning services have the tools to clean out the condenser unit, the evaporator coils, and all the other parts of the AC unit.

They can also inspect to see if any parts are getting old and need replacing. This helps your unit run regularly and not break down during the hottest time of the year.