Furniture Movers in Dubai-Quick Review Guide!

Dubai is a bustling and vibrant city, making it a great place to live. However, you may need furniture movers if you’re moving to or within the area. Knowing who you should trust with your belongings can be tricky with so many options available. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled this quick review guide of the top furniture movers in Dubai.

First up is RHS Moving Solutions:

RHS has provided reliable and quality moving services for more than 15 years throughout the United Arab Emirates. Their team of experienced professionals provides packing and unpacking services and loading and unloading heavy items such as large furniture pieces and appliances. They also offer secure storage facilities at strategic locations around Dubai if needed.

Next is Alfa Movers:

Alfa Movers provides budget-friendly local moves for those living inside or near Dubai; they don’t cover out-of-town destinations yet but are worth checking out for short-distance activities within the city limits. They promise a smooth move with reliable, friendly staff who protect your belongings during every step, from picking up at your original location to delivery at your new home (or office).

Last on our list is Arabian Express Cargo LLC:

These experienced movers provide residential/commercial relocation services anywhere outside UAE with pre-planning assistance such as customs clearance, quarantine check, etc., all handled by their professional staff who have excellent customer service skills too! Plus, they can help transport virtually anything – from pieces of furniture to cars – making them an ideal choice if you have complicated needs that require special attention when moving abroad or loading/unloading items into containers before shipping overseas – including transportation across borders into other countries like neighboring Oman or Qatar!

Whatever kind of move you require; big or small; local or international; these three Furniture Moving companies in Dubai will make it safe, efficient, cost-effective, and hassle-free!

Here are the top ten furniture movers in Dubai as rated by customers, based on reviews, prices and recommendations.

Alfa movers:

When planning a relocation don’t forget about Alfamovers! Their services are invaluable when it comes to making sure the transition goes smoothly; from packing up belongings securely so they arrive safe and sound at their destination spot through finding suitable storage solutions as needed during the process.

Movers Abu Dhabi:

Your Reliable Local Movers in Abu Dhabi! We specialize in seamless moving services, ensuring a stress-free experience for your relocation needs. From residential to commercial moves, our expert team is here to handle it all. Need furniture movers you can trust? Look no further! We are dedicated to safely transporting your prized possessions, making your move smooth and efficient. Discover our exceptional services today.

Allied Pickford’s:

Allied Pickfords are experienced international movers with their focus on providing simple yet effective door-to-door moves in Dubai and across the world as a whole.

Apex Global Logistics LLC:

For businesses operating around the Middle East region who require precise delivery solutions need look no further than Apex Global Logistics LLC Dubai; offering their expert knowledge when it comes to cross-border conveyance, storage organization and customs authorization processes that are available across more than fifty different countries worldwide .

E Movers:

For a successful move, trust in the experienced staff of E Movers Dubai to provide you with quality moving services that won’t disappoint you! Look no further than E Movers Dubai when it comes time to relocate; they offer quality and efficient moving solutions that will make your move stress-free!

Easy Truck:

Transport solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective can be found at Easy Truck Dubai thanks to their expertly trained staff specializing in customer service.

Euro Movers International:  

Take the hassle out of relocating by enlisting the help of our reliable professionals —Euro Movers international can take care of all aspects involved in making a successful move today.

KK Movers:

We are devoted to providing our customers with excellent yet cost effective moving services all over the United Arab Emirates with quality assurance for a stress free relocation experience.

Move One:

Move One Dubai provides unparalleled quality when it comes to relocation needs; they make sure that all aspects are looked after so there’s no hassle or worry during this process – from packing services through to settling in after arrival – allowing for an easy transition overall.

The Box: 

The Box Dubai Movers offers the best in quality yet pocket friendly packing solutions for any kind of relocation task you may have in store for us.

Union Movers:

If you need assistance during a home or office relocation within Dubai, have no fear because our professional movers guarantee an easy transition with top quality customer support included.

Book a professional move-in service.

Investing in professional move-in services is an excellent idea for moving into a new home. These services can help make your move smoother and more efficient by assisting with packing, coordinating furniture delivery, unpacking and assembling appliances and furniture, and any other tasks that arise. With experienced professionals handling the details for you, there’s no need to worry about any missteps or complications during your move.

Furniture Storage service for help in Dubai.

Dubai’s Furniture Storage services have experienced a surge in popularity due to their reliability, security, and ease of use. Companies provide options for both short-term and long-term storage that are further strengthened by Dubai’s dry climate. As there is no change in temperature that could damage furniture stored away for a short or extended period, these services offer peace of mind for customers.

This list of Dubai’s top ten furniture storage facilities is determined based on customer reviews, prices, and recommendations.

Big Box Storage:

Make sure all your valuables are kept safe & sound by entrusting them into the care of Big Box Storage located in ‘the City Of Gold’ – providing reliable solutions with varying size options plus completely temperature regulated units along with 24/7 state-of-the art surveillance systems too.

Boxit storage:

Boxit Storage presents climate-controlled solutions for all of your residential, business and industrial storing requirements . You can rely on us to provide a secure environment with 24/7 access that’s also carefully monitored , making sure all items are safe at our premium storage facility .

Extra Space Self-Storage:

you can rely on Extra Space Self Storage in Dubai for secure and convenient storage solutions, no matter what you need to store – be it personal belongings, commercial goods or business-related items.

Esaytruck Dubai Storage & Moving:

If you need to move items from place to place, Easaytruck Dubai can make it hassle-free. Our transport services offer safe delivery and packing options that take the pressure off of your relocation process. With us, your transition is both effortless and stress-free.

Lockable Store:

With an emphasis on safeguarding items, Lockable Store Dubai provides a range of secure storage services using state-of-the-art technology so that all belongings remain safe while stored with them.

Morespace Self-Storage:

When it comes to self-storage in Dubai, you won’t find a more experienced and reliable team than Morespace Self Storage! For any of your self-storage requirements in Dubai, make sure to choose the experts at Morespace Self Storage – offering secure solutions and flexible payment options.

Quick Pack Storage:

Make sure to safeguard your possessions with Quick Pack Storage Dubai’s 24/7 dependable and secure self-storage solutions in different sizes that can suit any requirement you may have.

Sentinel Storage LLC:

Are you in need of dependable storage options? Then look no further than Sentinel Storage LLC Dubai – an outstanding supplier featuring a vast selection of items created with functionality in mind! Our storage solutions provide trustworthiness and ease of use, making it simple to discover the perfect product for your necessities.

The Home Storage:

For those who require better utilization of their living or working space, Home Storage Dubai is here with a variety of storage options – ranging from traditional wood shelves to contemporary modular items – designed to meet all needs in the residential and corporate sectors alike.

Hire a Professional Handyman in Dubai.

Hiring a handyman to help you move out is an excellent decision! They can take care of all the packing, loading, disassembling of furniture, driving the truck, and making any necessary repairs or modifications. By using their services which are both efficient and cost-effective, you will be able to save time and money as you transition from one home to another.

Call for a Professional AC Repairer.

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience, so consider calling a professional AC repairer to make it as comfortable and secure as possible. This will save you both time and money by detecting any issues with the system early. Furthermore, they can advise on making the most out of your system’s lifespan. Taking these precautions will give you total confidence as you start this new journey in life!


Overall, furniture movers in Dubai are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a professional and reliable way to move your furniture. With their years of experience, they have the knowledge and expertise to handle any job quickly and efficiently. From dismantling and packing your furnishings to delivering them safely to their final destination, they provide top-notch service that will make your next relocation stress-free. So if you’re searching for reliable furniture movers in Dubai, consider hiring Handymen Dubai, as they offer a great range of affordable services that will surely meet your needs.